news 2008

Arrive Alive!

With the holiday season around the corner many of us will travel far to get to holiday destinations or to family and friends. Please remember that one life lost is one too many. Road accidents can be avoided and many lives can be saved. Road safety does not happen by accident.

When driving please take heed of the following safety pre-cautions:

  • Never go over the speed limit. Speed kills. Adjust your speed to the prevailing conditions.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy at all times;
  • Never drive when too tired to do so, fatigue is a silent killer;
  • Always wear your seat belt (both front and back seat passengers). Wearing a seatbelt will reduce the severity of injuries by up to 40%;
  • Switch on your headlights even during the day, this helps to make you visible to other motorists and road users;
  • Make sure windshield wiper blades are in good condition, particularly in rainy weather;
  • Make sure the tyres of the vehicle are in good condition;
    Make sure the lights and reflectors are clean. Lights and reflectors are especially important during bad weather;
  • Don't drive alongside other vehicles unnecessarily. Keep a following distance that allows you enough time to avoid an accident; and
  • Try to anticipate stops early and slow down gradually.

There are times of the day, and of the week, when accidents occur more frequently:

  • Between dusk and dawn.
  • During morning and evening peak periods.
  • At "closing time" for bars, hotels and clubs.
  • In the afternoon when children come out of schools.
  • After large public gatherings, such as rugby matches or race meetings.
  • Late in the week and at weekends when the use of alcohol increases.
  • On public holidays and weekends when many motorists are paying more attention to sightseeing than to proper driving.

Remember Road Safety Starts with You!