Operational Support

Defense of RSA
Peace support
Ground Forces
8 Med Bn Gp
Airborne forces
Special forces
7 Med Bn Gp
Reserve forces Mobile Military Health Formation and other Res structures
Area protection Area military health units
SA Air Force SAMHS
Bases/Stations SAMHS infrastructure
Institute of Aviation Medicine
Naval Bases SAMHS infrastructure
SAMHS personnel on board vessels
Institute for Maritime Medicine (IMM)
(Diving and submarine medicine)

SAMHS Installations Client
Military Hospitals (3)
Military Base Hospitals (4)
Sickbays (36)
Institutes (4) (2 referral centers)
Regional OHS centers (5)
Sickbays aboard ships
Military medical clinics (42)
Health centers (28)
SA National Defense Force
SA Police Service
Dept of Correctional Service
Private sector as approved
Collateral utilization

Specialized Services and Logistic Support

Institution Field of Service Client
Institute of Aviation Medicine Aviation Medicine SA Air force
SA Airways
Dept of Transport
Presidency and Deputy President's household staff
Institute for Maritime Medicine Diving and submarine medicine SA Navy
All diving organizations in RSA
Dept of Labour
dept of Environmental Affairs
Military Psychological Institute Psycho-strategy
Trauma psychology
Aviation psychology
Specialist selection
Organisational psychology research
Community psychology
SA Police Service
Dept of Transport
Dept of Environmental Affairs
Dept of Correctional Services
Military Veterinary Institute Preventative and curative animal health
Promotion of animal health research
Specialist Light Infantry (12 SAI Bn)
SA Police Service
Dept off Correctional Service
7 Medical Battalion Group Defensive and detection measures for defensive warfare measures and radiation injuries SANDF
SA Police Service
dept of Foreign Affairs
Dept of National Health
National Energy Commission
Military Health Base Depot Acquisition, stockpiling and distribution of medical supplies SANDF
Civil services
Health authorities
Regional OHS centers Occupational health and safety DOD
Dept of Labour